Should I get the Olympus E-M5?

Started Jul 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
desaroo Contributing Member • Posts: 751

Well, phooey, I'm a day late and a dollar short.

Personally, I think you're throwing away money in buying the E-M5. Yeah, it's a very fine camera, but based on the kinds of photos you want to take, methinks it's overkill. Not that you're gonna do it, but a used E-520, a 12-60 lens and an inexpensive tripod would do the trick for less, and probably be simpler. (This is assuming you want an Olympus camera.)

But if you want smaller, and a camera that'll last you and that'll do what you want, I'd buy the E-PL1 or 2re costly, the E-P3) and then a decent or even very nice lens. I noticed most of your shots were at 2.8. Maybe the standard 14-42 or 40-150 lens (both 3.5) would do, but if not you could try the 45mm 1.8.

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