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Re: Panasonic 14 mm lens

I always get a good laugh from some of the drivel I see in these posts. "It's just a "Lumix"" Dude, you drink the Koolaid if you truly believe slapping a Leica label on a Panasonic lens makes it a Leica.

The 14mm is a great lens, superior to Sony's 16 and Olympus 17 by a good margin...and doing so at a great price these days. I would again, on balance, that the 14 2.5 doesn't offer a lot of advantage over the kit. That said, I wouldn't buy it again if I had a kit lens lying around(at the moment I do).

photobeans wrote:

The 14mm F2.5 has no Leica branding, it's just "Lumix". It's a good lens for about $170 on ebay new without retail packaging. I wouldn't pay much more for that. At F2.5 it's sharp in the center but soft in the corners. At 5.6, it's good sharpness all around. I use it for hiking and it makes the camera very small to take around. I used to have the panasonic 14-45mm and the olympus 14-42mm IIR. It doesn't seem much better than the kit lens to me.

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