Which lens to complement the Canon 10-22mm for T3i?

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Re: Which lens to complement the Canon 10-22mm for T3i?

MikeFromMesa wrote:

The 24-105 is indeed a great lens but is designed for a full frame and I don't know how it performs on a crop camera.

I have had the 60D and 24-105 for over a year now and overall it is a superb combination. While the 24-105 is "designed" for FF the only difference is the crop factor so at 24 at the wide end it may not be wide enough for some. The OP however has a 10-22 UWA (I have the Sigma 10-20) and together with the 24-105 IS this is an awesome combination on a crop sensor)

The only thing that bother be about the 24-105 is that the maximum aperture is F4. When shooting indoors without flash this can at times be a problem. This why right now I am considering the 17-55 F2.8. It doesn't have the range of the 24-105 at the long end obviously but it has the extra stop and is wider.

In truth I will probably stick with the 10-20, 24-105 and I also have the 35mm F2 which is a cracking lightweight bright lens and the equivalent of around 50mm on a crop which is perfect.

Swapping out the 24-105 for the 17-55 would lead me into a 70-200 to complement and id I want IS then even at F4 we are into mega bucks.

My personal advice, stick with the 10-22 add the 24-105 and then at some point add either the 35mm F2 or the 50mm F1.8 depending on your preferred focal length and use this for low light shooting.

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