So how do the RX100 pics compare to the s95/s100 ?????

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Re: Sony RX100 besting the S100

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

snapshot09 wrote:

The performance is night and day comparing the RX100 to the S100.

I do not see at as a night and day

I see it as approx. 1 light stop difference
plus better bokeh/blurred backgrounds
for a doubled price and a bit thicker body.

One may add better video, ...
and substract ND filter.

agree, the difference doesn't seem big at the moment, both have their strengths and weaknesses. The EOSHD review IMHO focuses (predictably) on video oriented shooting, the imaging resource review focuses on studio type shooting. I don't do such shots myself...

My impression from images until now (e.g. from is that the RX100 lens isn't very good in the corners, unless stopped down a few stops. This may not be important for video (which is relatively low res anyway), low light and people shots. But it definitely is important for landscape and architecture style stills. This is an issue with almost every compact camera with a relatively bright/wide lens. I would like to see a comparison in corner quality with the S100 with RX100 scaled down to the same size; it would not surprise me if the S100 wins, e.g. looking at the shots at Add the much more useful 24mm equiv. WA on the S100 and suddenly the RX100 seems less attractive. But I will wait for some full reviews that show real life image quality.

Also, it remains to be seen how the LX7 and XZ2 will compete, if they have the same or similar sensor.

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