Nokia Pureview 808 - can't wait!

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Re: Nokia Pureview 808 - can't wait!

s95 photo looks much better to my eyes...the bottles have realistic curvature which makes it more pleasant to look at... N8 photo looks too much 2D -> like someone cut-out the bottles' pictures, placed them on a canvas, and then took the photo – completely flat.


sir_bazz wrote:

gail wrote:

sir_bazz wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

I don't think anyone considers it a replacement for a DSLR

But do you find it a good replacement for an high-end pocket digital camera such as the Canon S series cameras or the new Sony RX100?

The 808 intrigues me but I wonder if I'd be happy with it. I frequently tweak camera settings.

Well in terms of IQ absolutely. Even the previous generation Nokia N8 was a good match for the S95 which can be seen side-by side here.

In terms of usability though, a dedicated camera will always be more flexible and have the larger "traditional" feature set as opposed to add on apps.

Now having said that it's time to be sexist, (in the nicest possible way). If I were a female and always had a handbag with me then I'd think a small P&S would be easy to keep in there without too much trouble. I'd probably go with the P&S for the extra control and optical zoom.

For us mere males, the ones who don't have a man bag, there's the Nokia 808.
Zooms? pfffft!

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