I'd like to take advice about a potentially messed up wedding shoot

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Re: I'd like to take advice about a potentially messed up wedding shoot

flashpixx wrote:

with the greatest respect to the posters who have responded, and in nearly all cases quite reasonably so, why would you ask such a question on what is a camera forum.

Your conversation with the bride could go something like, "I asked on this internet camera forum and the guys there all said....."

your credibility is shot man.

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I totally agree. This sounds like one amateur "photog" trying ask advice on how to fix another amateur photog's mess.

If one is asking a question like, can RAW images be watermarked, your pretty much have shown your hand, there.

With all of this said, why in the world would anyone get in the middle of this situation knowing that the bride is a lawyer and that if you got in the middle of this thing, you yourself might be regarded as inept as the last guy. This bride didn't want you to bring your camera (as your story goes, anyway). She chose to do something on the cheap and is now suffering from her bad decision. But because she's a lawyer or had a good one at her side, she's looking to salvage what little she can from her own bad decision (might I say, tight a$$ed decision).

Now, I apologize if I'm wrong on the poster's intentions, motivations, and level of photographic experience but any "pro" photog would be able to sniff this situation out from the get-go and not even want to discuss this at all with a bride that basically said, keep your camera at home.

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