D700/24-70 2.8 Lens malfunction?

Started Dec 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
gladiatorsfan1 Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: D700/24-70 2.8 Lens malfunction?

I had the opposite problem. Underexposing. At first, I thought my camera was taking blank images.... Until I got those photos into Lr and boosted the exposure.

When this under exposure happens, I noticed that my F-stop indicator would in decate F[DeltaSymbol]. You also see this F[DeltaSymbol] when you turn your camera on with no lens attached. When I noticed that, I put two and two together and cleaned my contacts. So, I cleaned the contacts on my lens and have never seen the issue since. It drove me nuts for two days because I thought I had something seriously wrong with my camera or lens. Also, this issue of under exposed frames was random. Not all images were underexposed, just say, maybe 3 of 40 or something like that.

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