Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

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Re: Everyone is a pro photographer (apparently)

You will succeed at this.

However, this brings up an issue which is underlying in you statement, and can actually be taken to broader contexts.

I for one never intended to be a pro, nor am I. I'm just making money off my pictures and videos. I started out as a journalist, and an enthusiast photog. Then it turned out my images were good enough for print, and evidently for my publishers videochannel (www.iltasanomat.fi).

The videos are honestly not that good. Very basic, keep it simple kind of stuff. Interview, some nice video, thrown together in a few hours in Premiere. I do think my images are a lot better, but alas, we have plenty of photogs, but very few people doing video. So I'm stuck in that department. I don't complain, it's usually good clean fun doing it.

I believe photography will evolve through the digital age to a tool, in which you need to have the basics nailed down. The masters will remain masters, and perfect their fine art for all of us to admire. But the industry is just that - industry.

Journalism produces hundreds of pictures daily, some of them bad, some of them ok. In mass media the mass is more important then a single quality piece, and these quality pieces usually get published in a monthly attachment, not on the morning paper or tabloid.

Some of us never want to be a pro, nor to have a studio, nor to shoot Porches newest advert, or maybe Victorias Secret (alltough I wouldn't mind that).

But we get drawn to it. I'm doing weddings now, bands, whatever I can fit in my schedule. But I don't do it as a pro, I do it for the love that I have to photography, even though I never do it for free. No sir, I take standard prices.

But the image industry is an industry, it's evolving to all sorts of directions. The business model of doing solely weddings/events/whatever is decreasing, at least that's what my collegues are saying. But now, beacause of the tech, new business is opening up. I say embrace it, don't get stuck doing just one thing. Develop new skills, and evolve. And above all else, as my editor ALWAYS tells me, remember to have lots of fun doing it.

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