Camera Theft Prevention from a SUV

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Camera Theft Prevention from a SUV

When you don't have a trunk, the temptation might be strong for the scavengers among us; and since I don't plan on bringing my total gear with me at all times, how do I keep it secure?

There are many points for which a cable can be connected all over the place. That's not my concern. I'm really interested in what the best large cases of say 2 foot 6" cubed maximum, and I'm really looking for a 2 foot x 16 inches x 21 inches compared to my maximum requirements.

What I'm thinking is that I'd draw cable through the case's latch and then under a seat connection, and there are a lot available to me so distance is not so much of a problem, but I would like the case to somewhat snug to the nearby embedded seatlatch (the seat is removed so they are currently just completely visible, useable cable connection security points).

Since my intention is to prevent theft while I'm temporarily away from the vehicle, I would want the thickest possible, highest grade cable lock that is currently constructed, however it also must fit through my case latches, and perhaps most importantly cable such as this is generally connected to the lock, otherwise it has to have looped ends. I suppose that I could double-connect a master-lock or something to a bicycle cable, but is that really necessary? Or are the cable-locks that are out there sufficient enough?

My car is semi-hi-profile as a luxury suv, it has tinted windows, tan interior. It's fairly high off the ground. It's fairly large. So I would prefer a tan device if possible, if not, then I can paint it to make it more invisible from the outside.

The latches need to be reinforced, the distance to a location to lock down must be minimal but useful (just think of how far the box has to get tied to the floor and have enough gap room to not be a complete burden because of its tightness, but also not so loose that it can be jerked with a whole-body-force pulling and removed with ease). Basically I'm thinking of it fitting close and maybe a slightly difficult, but that's it.

I know I could get into bolting something in, but I intend on having this container as a portable case rather than a permanent feature.

The 2 foot box would therefore contain a laptop and a typical amount of camera gear minus the tripod which would be with me at all times since my element is outdoor photography.


I'm really at a loss about what to do. I looked at a pelican case, but there's really no actual information about stuff like cable-lock length or latch to ground or how thick the latch holes are and what would be the very largest most impervious cable that could fit through it.

Or maybe I'm on the wrong track entirely and someone has a handle made of synthetic spidersilk-metal or something, and a cable that has a cut-resistant core, or a lock that works like a swiss watch. I dunno. All I know is that I'd like to not leave my gear unprotected without a trunk and I'd like some help if you could please spare the time.

Oh yes, as always, I'm looking to spend as little as possible while gaining the most advantage. I would even settle for excellent other ideas that cost much less and I've just over-looked. I'd probably like to top out at $250 for now, but less sounds much, much better. I just need the help of experience that I don't have in protecting expensive gear. It's probably a conversation that happens often, I did search, I just couldn't find what I'm looking for, so I have come forward and asked for specific help.

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