Tried out the 75mm f1.8 yesterday (images)

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Re: Tried out the 75mm f1.8 yesterday (images)

I always get a kick out of the small lens crowd crying "too expensive" for the best mFT lenses. Regardless of the fact that these newish primes are razor sharp and fast, it seems the size of the lens, combined with the size/price of the cameras they get mounted on...and in some cases, the use of less expensive (though top notch plastics for total or partial construction) makes them feel that they should be cheaper.

"The more there is, the more it should cost". The typical quantity vs quality confusion.

It does cost more, materials wise, to build a bigger lens. And it costs more to build a better lens. But bigger does not equal better.

I would hope you are buying the "quality" the lens offers. It's value (cost) should be based on it's performance/quality.

Would you think a lens was too expensive if it covered every focal length you could imagine, from ultra ultra wide to more mm that there are digits to display and yet was the size of a pancake...and offered a aperture of f.01 to infinity and was constant at any and all focal lengths? And had variable depth of field (from new magic technology). Add in AF that was so accurate, every time, that no human eye could better it...and could do so in total darkness. And so sharp and distortion free that current technology could not measure it's faults.

I could go on and on, but...

What would it be worth to you? Remember, it's made of mainly plastic and a pancake.

You pay for results, not how big it is, how much it weighs , what it's made of or what color it is.

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