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Re: 7D or 5Dmkii - same discussion, with a twist

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

Myth. BTW, you cannot directly compare DxO's lens test results across different sensors and formats. That you don't know this is an indicator that you should not be commenting on resolution related questions.

Rubbish. Do both cameras take photos and can be compared on the same subjects such as on a resolution chart or in reality against the same person’s face?

Why? Does DXO say that?

They don't state it as clearly as photozone (who does explicitly state that scores cannot be compared across formats and sensors), but they are performing the same kinds of tests and the same adjustments to the data. And the way the adjustments work for the lens tests, scores will be different for different formats even if the images produced are identical.

I don’t know how creditable of Photozone, one of many such small labs in the world. There is one and only one DXO, one of the most respected lab in the world. It makes very sense that DXO test a lens on a specific camera as the lens doesn’t take photo by itself but must together with a camera, and the same lens resolves differently on a different camera.

I've explained this multiple times in the past, but the "true believers" of FF refuse to understand and accept it.

Funny at this time there are tons of true FF believers by just checking how many APS-C shooters switched to FF. Your guys are really minority. When budget FF cameras such as Nikon D600 and Canon 6D released, there will be lots more. And FF sensors will be in mirrorless in two or even one years. Many APS-C shooters are waiting in line when price coming down. Most of them do know the superiority of FF IQ and I read many what they desired everyday in this forum.

I own both lenses and have shot the 17-40L on both formats. Sorry, the 7D+Tokina out resolves the 5D2+17-40L. You need a 16-35L II to match.

But you don’t own 5D2.

But I have shot the 17-40L on a 5D2. Just because I didn't own the 5D2 doesn't mean it produced worse output.

I don’t know play a few times contribute to much experiences. I produced 50K+ photos from 5D1 (my very first Canon camera of any kinds), 15K already from 5D2 (since Dec last year), 30K+ photos from 60D, and 30k+ from 1D3 (I shoot around 6000 photos from each airshow event), and processed many of them so I do know their difference so clearly.

Months have gone by since I've participated in this forum and you're still the same. FaintandFuzzy can repeat 1,000x that he has processed work from the 5D's...and owned other Canon FF bodies...and yet each time you act as if you've never heard it. I can say 1,000x I've tested these body/lens combos...and each time you act as if it's news to you.

Yes I am still the same just opposite to you and a few zealots but the numbers of 7D zealots quickly reduced to single digit (pretty what we hear in this thread plus another 1-3 we have not heard yet while others already migrated and enjoying FF now), same olds, LOL. Real 7D shooters never jumped into this kind of debate as they know that what it’s for and what’s not good for. F&F is forget about, check how many times he got rebuttal and scorned in 5D forum by many true professionals. He can lie whatever he wanted (such as already bought D800 about 3 months ago) and nobody can take his world unless he bring any evidences and he never did. He even not dare to post his “pro” website despite many asked him to do so after he boasted everytime (as he pretend to be a “pro” with 20 plus year experience in his mouth everytime that means nothing unless he can show us what he can do beyond a few amateur photos in his gallery).

At 2000-pixe wide or above, 5D2 photos are noticeable better.

Which is why nobody on this forum...not one true FF believer...could ever correctly label unlabeled crops from both cameras. Most wouldn't even try (you included).

I see so clearly between my 60D and 5D2/5D1. Do you please post some 2000-pixel photos into your DPR gallery (not mention 3000 or 4000 pixel wide) from your boasted Tokina 11-16/2.8 on 7D? I posted many 5D2 samples.

5D1 is obvious better in highlight.

It also obviously received less exposure. The recorded exposure values are different, the lenses are different (different lens transmittance), and just be looking at the two shots you can see that they are exposed differently.

Because you don’t experience 5D1 so you don’t know. 5D1 sensor is well-known 1/3 over-sensitive than standard ISO. Its marked ISO 1600 actually is standard ISO 2000. Most 5D shooters always EV -1/3 in all ISO stop (even dummy KR knows that as said in his 5D guide).

Now I show you their RAW data in LR that you saw before but still questioning, sigh, you just unwilling to face the fact and science based on your fanboyism, I’m sorry for you. You see both exposed correctly. What I supposed to do, deliberately underexpose 60D by 1 stop, then pull shadow? You know Canon 18mp APS-C sensor is not good to pull shadow, and ironically old 5D1 and 1D3 sensors are much less subject to banding than 5D2/60D/7D, just showing noises after pulling but no obvious banding.

Do you have any properly performed tests for our review?

This is the one. As I said I don’t deliberately compare them side-by-side as I am photog not a tester.

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