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Re: some samples of 17-40L on 5D2

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

17-40L is a very sharp lens on all my Canon DSLRs,

It is a sharp lens. But it is not as sharp corner to corner as the Tokina on crop , especially wide open.

17-40L is mainly for FF while Tokina is for APS-C. They service difference purposes so let's compare on the respective platform. DXO Lab with its reputation and very scientific controlled environment are highly respected by professional and photography world and only fanboys deny its authority.

As I said earlier, 17-40L is not tested by DXO so I used 24-105L instead. 17-40L is slightly sharper than 24-105L on both 5D2 and 60D, at least from my copy. So 17-40L result is only slightly better.

You know f/2.8 on APS-C is equivalent to f/4.5 on FF. So let's first check wide-open on respective cameras. Gee, Tokina lens is very soft from center to edge. 17-40L is much sharper in entire area, center and edges. The same 17-40L at f/4.0 still performs much better on 7D again from center to edges. At wide-open there is no comparison.

Now let's yield Tokina lens to stop down to f/4.0 which equivalent to f/6.4 lens on FF. Certainly now it performs much better. But still not as good as 17-40L on the same 7D and not even close to it on 5D2.

That was the point.

Please respect science and DXO Lab test, one of the most creditable lab in industry. Don't let fanboyiism twist your mind. That's not just what I said. My samples post earlier of 17-40L on 5D2 vividly demo its sharpness and IQ. Not as good as Nikon 14-24/2.8 but it's pretty light, small and inexpensive good enough for general photog tasks.

And last let's see this lens on my 60D. I found it's sharper than 24-105L, sharper than Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS, both tested indoor on a dollar bill and outdoor. Here are few samples. Boy, I am happy with that sharpness, no complaint

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