Advice on types of lens that work well on the SD1.

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Re: Advice on types of lens that work well on the SD1.

85mm F1.4 seems to be the best of my lenses on my SD1. I think it would do well with panos if I ever get up the curiosity to try any.

The 50mm macro is quite good as a macro lens, but not as good as the 85mm for scenery.

The 70-200 F2.8 OS is very good even though it might not be perfectly clear and sharp all across the frame.

My 17-50 F2.8 OS must be a good one so I think I got lucky with it. It's really at its best above 25mm but I can't say it is sharp across the frame. Very good at 50mm. Actually it might be slightly decentered based on the clarity at the left and right edges of the frame, but it is not a tremendous amount and usually I do not notice it. It might be hard to get a really perfect copy of this (or any) Sigma lens, but they all seem close enough to perfection that I just don't want to go thru the hassle of trying to exchange any of them or even to request any further repairs.

Mostly I prefer that the subject of interest in my photos is sharp and clear. Edge clarity is not that important to me, but like I said my copy of the 85mm does deliver it.

Except for the 50mm macro, I did send all the others back to Sigma USA for focus calibration with my SD15 body shortly after I bought them. They work well with my SD1 now, so I didn't feel a need to send them in again. Just the fact that I sent them in might have helped generally.

The 50mm macro was bought used from Sigma USA and it seems to work adequately well for my purposes. The flatness of field is not perfect however, which is why I said it is good for macros but not really so great for scenery. My 85mm really shines in terms of flatness of field, and contrast, and per-pixel clarity even on the SD1, but only when it is perfectly focused. SD1 autofocus is not quite accurate enough or consistent enough for me.

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