£2,000 help me decide!!!

Started Jul 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
zeepyOne New Member • Posts: 12
Re: £2,000 help me decide!!!

Thanks for the posting, I too is in a similar boat albeit with a bit more experience.

For X2 and Fuji or the other cameras, why not go to shops to have a look and see how you feel about their controls & size etc. I too found X1 controls feel better than Fuji X100 which I found a little confusing (but that's just me). However, price wise X100 wins easily.

The other options I am looking at is getting something like Ricoh GXR or Sony NEX 5N and mount either Zeiss ZM lens or Leica's on those. However, from samples I am not 100% sure they are perfect per se (maybe wrong), so I am hoping things will improved with the next version of those cameras; luckily Sept's German camera show is just around the corner and pretty likely Sony would launch their NEX F5 then (I am guessing) but uncertain re: ricoh though.

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