Implications of RX100 for low end mirrorless

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Re: RX100 is only a compliment to m43...

Totally agree.

LTZ470 wrote:

Why anyone would try and pit the RX100 against a GH2 or EM5 is compliment them yes, to way! I have all three and the GH2 and EM5 smokes the RX100 in everything except size...stopped at the USS Alabama few hours ago...28mm RX100 was no contest against the EM5 w/ 12mm f2.0...same for the Blue Angel Air Show...same for Macros/Close Ups...Birding, etc...

So to put a cam in a small holster and go out with family to a Carnival, Fair, Dinner, or walk with the family, yes the RX100 rocks...

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