Buy a 2nd camera. Any ideas on models?

Started Jul 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
jmcarp Regular Member • Posts: 279
Re: Buy a 2nd camera. Any ideas on models?

richardday wrote:

I always advocate the same body as the controls and accessories are identical and you won't favour one over the other, provided you are happy with your existing camera, which it appears, you are. Quite frankly there is nothing worse than having two similar cameras with different controls.

I believe there are some decent deals still available for new or refurbished D5000 bodies with a warranty out there, so they shouldn't be that expensive.

I agree with Richard's rationale on this. While it's not necessarily the advice I'd give to everyone, in your case it makes sense. So go for a new D5000 if you can find one on someone's back shelf, or a refurb if not.

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