Upgrading from LX3: GX1 vs OM-D vs NEX-7

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Re: Upgrading from LX3: GX1 vs OM-D vs NEX-7


Having owned with great satisfaction, a GF1, I suspect that the GX1, its successor would also be a great little camera. According to the reviews, the 16 mpxl sensor on the NEX5N is superior to the 24mpxl sensor of the NEX7 so far as noise is concerned. You can get the NEX5N with the superb OLED finder including the lens for the same price as the OM-D body and probably a little less than the GX1 with a finder that cannot match the Sony OLED finder. Additionally, the focus peaking feature of the NEX5N & 7 is a real advantage, especially if you do manual focusing with legacy lenses, as do I. I currently have both the NEX5N and the OM-D and picture quality is fantastic with both; a real toss up. Both the OM-D and the NEX5N come with a neat little clip on flash that is probably no better nor worse than any of the tiny flashes that these cameras come with, including the GX1.

I personally think that you can't go wrong with any of them, but I would pick the NEX5N + finder over the NEX7 unless you plan to print larger than 16x20 and need the 24mpxl resolution. You get the same performance for all practical purposes for less money.

The OM-D has more professional build quality and custom features with direct button control and you pay for that. But for general shooting, you get a better bang for the buck with the Sony NEX5N and I would put the GX1 in third place because, while it has a very good finder, it can't even come close to the NEX5N or 7.

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