Canon 60D or Wait?!

Started Jul 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
Wait for video improvments - not so much for stills

Biggest headache with my 60D is video - this is by far the biggest category that Canon needs to improve on. AF, compression, etc., ...a whole list of things that are seeing rapid evolution in dSLRs and can't be achieved fast enough.

For stills, any successor to the 60D or 7D is going to be well into the diminishing returns curve, pretty much just like any other APS-C dSLR. Yes, the 60D and 7D can use a sensor upgrade, but the advantages of such are far less obvious than video. If the OP has no interest in video then I see no reason to wait unless there is something specific they are looking for in the next product refresh.

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