batch option in pentax raw converter program?

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Re: batch option in pentax raw converter program?

pentx4life wrote:

WHAAAT????? WHERE can i find such a profile? Didn't know about that... If I open the images in ACR I get completely different colours than the original pentax colours... (how do I load such a profile??)

You don't need to load it. If you shoot DNG it's there in the file that you upload to your computer. Open ACR, look below the histogram at top right and you see a row of tabs (the Basic tab opens by default). The third tab from the right is called Camera Calibration - its icon is a small camera. Click there and the tab opens.

There's a small window at the top with Process; the next one is Camera Profile with a small triangle for a drop-down menu. Click it and select Embedded - if you originally shot DNG it will be there; if you shot PEF it won't be there and I don't think you can get it.

At the extreme right of the row of tab names there's a small icon of three lines and a triangle. Click this and you get another dropdown menu: second from bottom is Save New Camera Raw Defaults and if you click it every new file you load will open with the Embedded profile.

For files you've already worked on click that 3-line+triangle icon again and near the top is Camera Raw Defaults. If you click it any editing you've done is removed and you go back to the start with the Embedded profile (once again, as long as the file was shot in DNG).

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