Sadly, will be returning RX100

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Re: Charles

And with all that little interest for the Rx100 ,
Gail still finds time to Troll the Sony pages
why is that? I am curious?

gail wrote:

Charles wrote:

Of course you will keep your current Canon or wait for the next Canon compact.. You have your Canon expert role to play.

Yawn. Comments like this from you are getting tiring. As you wrote in the Nikon 1 forum:

"Gail has made a niche for herself supporting small Canon cameras. Being the expert on those. Apparently anything beyond that scares her and she see as somehow threatening."

I don't consider myself an expert, though I've owned a number of Canon cameras and take time to get to know them thoroughly. And, yes, I read, re-read and refer to the manual.

I've also owned digital cameras by Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Nikon, and got a decent handle on them too. No expert: just make a lot of effort to become familiar with any camera I buy.

btw, no camera has ever "scared" me, and I've owned many.

There are many reasons I'm not interested in the RX100 and, say, the Canon G1X compact cameras. There are many reasons I prefer my S100, though high ISO performance, while better than any other compact camera I've owned, is not one of them. Fortunately, I take few photos requiring high ISO.

I'd love a small non-interchangeable lens camera with a large sensor. I'm just not interested in the ones currently available and am no longer inclined to buy a first generation model. So I'll wait patiently.

I have had the RX 100 for a day and it blows away the S100. JPEG or RAW.

That's good to hear, though from what I've read to date, some have different opinions about the quality of the RX100 jpegs.

I may be selling my Nikon V1.

V1? I've not heard of that camera.

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