Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

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Re: Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

Howard, with the comment about "overseas" I think you might be a little bit oversensitive. The OP was speaking about USD pricing and his height in feet and inches, and weight in pounds. It was not unreasonable to assume he might be in the US. If not, so what?

Regarding the weight restrictions, what you say may be true for some who travel with carry-on photography bags, but not for many others. I travel all over the world for various reasons, and I often find that many air carriers limit the weight of carry-on bags to 6 kilos, or 8 kilos in economy class. But very few US carriers do. Most have no weight limit whatsoever for carry-on US domestic flying. It simply has to be within a certain size.

It is a problem for photographers who carry a kit that weighs much more than 6 kilos. (and many do). If you carry a 7D or 5D, plus three or four lenses including at least one long "L" and flash, tripod, accessories and a laptop, you are way over the limit.

Now, if you not in economy class but are in business class, or better, that is another story. Then you can take a much heavier load. But of course, you or someone, is paying a lot more.

The point of course, is, that one should be knowledgeable about any restrictions that might be encountered anywhere you fly. I do not want to have to check any photographic gear, so I plan and pack according to what I know that I would encounter.

Allan R

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