Scene widths for achromats on Panasonic 45-175

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Scene widths for achromats on Panasonic 45-175

This graph shows the width of scenes covered by four achromats on the Panasonic 45-175 on a G3.

The achromats are:

Canon 500D (2 diopters)
Raynox 150 (4.8 diopters)
Raynox 250 (8 diopters)
Raynox MSN-202 (25 diopters)

With the camera on a tripod and focus rail, I focused on a 1mm scale on a ruler to get the numbers for this graph. I moved the camera as near to the subject as I could while reliably being able to get the autofocus to lock on. The exact numbers measured can I think vary depending on the precise approach used.

The kink in the line at 45mm for the 150 and 250 appears to be genuine. I double checked the 45mm and 50mm measurements and came up with the same answers.

I took measurements at maximum and minimum zoom for the 45-200mm.

At 45mm, within the limits and variability of my measurements, the results appeared to be the same as those for the 45-175 at 45mm.

At 200mm, the scene widths were only very slightly smaller than for the 45-175 at 175mm, except for the Canon 500D, where the measured scene width was the same. The fractions of a mm are very rough approximations, but the sizes are something like:

MSN-202 at 175mm, scene width 4 1/2 mm
MSN-202 at 200mm, scene width 4 1/4 mm

Raynox 250 at 175mm, scene width 12 1/4 mm
Raynox 250 at 200mm, scene width 12 mm

Raynox 150 at 175mm, scene width 19 mm
Raynox 150 at 200mm, scene width 18 1/2 mm

Canon EOS 500D (EOS Rebel T1i / EOS Kiss X3)
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