20mm 1.7 or 25mm 1.4 for OMD Quick Poll

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joe talks photography gear
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Re: 20mm 1.7 or 25mm 1.4 for OMD Quick Poll

if you got bags o'money, get both and you needn't ruminate needlessly. As for me, the field of view isn't good on the 25 and the 20 isn't that much better. I was an early adopter of the 20 1.7 on my GF1. Even its low light capabilities couldn't capture indoor scenes at ISO 800 with that model. In bright light is was quite right for some street shooting, vacation shots.

...and on reflection, I add, why would anyone want to invest this much on a 50mm field of view. If that's your thing, why not buy a larger sensored camera and you can gain access to even better 50mm 1.4? Just sayin.

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