A few family clicks for C&C

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Re: A few family clicks for C&C

I'm no expert on people photos either,
but I would crop out the tree on the right in both images.

Also the grass blades coming up in front of the girls is distracting, especially in the first one where it goes in front of her face.

The upper background in photo 2 is not as defocused as in photo 1, so is more distracting (presumably due to the smaller aperture you used). I think having the defocused grass as the uniform background throughout would have been nicer...e.g. if you could have shot from higher up looking down (not sure the girl's faces would have come out as nice though from that angle?).

Second photo would have been better if you could have seen your daughter's arm/hand pose better.

Overall though they are nice photos and cute girls! I just think too often there is not enough true constructive criticism...for myself, I always look for and appreciate feedback on things to do differently to get better, not just platitudes.

Lets see some of you bird/wildlife shots too! I would like to get one of these D800s myself soon. Here is a post with some D300s bird/nature/etc shots of mine (under my other login...somehow I have two, think I lost one password for a while then found it! )

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