Websites for giving photographer review?

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Re: Websites for giving photographer review?

Thanks for that Steve.

I paid with credit card and is busy in the process in applying a charge-back on that. I paid through Paypal, but they do not get involved if what was purchased is a service, such as a course. I am doing this then directly through my bank.

He has a Facebook presence, but he will simply delete my comments and block me from posting in the future. I have added a review to a listing of him on an online directory, but he simply then removed his business listing from that directory, so my review disappeared with it.

It is so annoying and infuriating that people swindle one. While he gives excuses as to why he does not have money to pay me right now, I keep reading on Twitter and his FB page how he is expanding his studio and refurbishing his house.


steephill wrote:

If the offender is a member of a professional association such as BIPP then you can contact them about the member's behaviour. There are also low cost legal routes available such as the Small Claims Court. Did you use a credit card for payment? That is probably the easiest way to get you money back.

Do they have a Facebook presence you could use to point out their failings?

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