Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

Started Jun 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
LA_CAMGUY Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

Might want to try the ALZO iTTL dual hot shoe. I've been using it with the new Phottix Odin for Nikon and works great. One shoe for the ODIN and the other for my Nikon SU-800. Gives me control of 6 flashes from the camera...3 from the Phottix Odin and 3 from the Nikon SU-800. The key obvoiusly is the Alzo dual hot shoe...it "Y's" your flash signal information. Might think about it as an option.

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