Good RAW development with full details

Started Jul 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Lee Davis Regular Member • Posts: 344
Re: Good RAW development with full details

Has anyone tried to render their RAWs in Helicon with the Adobe DNG Converter? You have to get the latest version and place it in the Helicon folder.

When I try this I get a very faint sort of cross-hatch pattern in the images - zoom well in to 100% or more to see it - and it creates all sorts of weird artefacts. I wonder if Helicon is somehow just using Adobe DNG converter to do the de-mosaic and doing the rest of the processing itself and that LR, ACR etc are then adding extra algorithms to deal with this regular cross-hatch pattern? And as a result, mushing the detail.

If I render with DCRAW, things look much better - and very like the RPP output.

I am trying this on a mac using VirtualBox and Windows XP. As I am really on a Mac, Helicon doesn't offer me much more than RPP does. However, to my mind, if I didn't have a Mac (and access to RPP) I would be falling all over Helicon with its DCRAW interpretation.


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