Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

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Re: Price different between Phottix Odin and Pocketwizard min/flex system

Another difference is that with the Odin you can't use a flash on camera like you can with the PW. At least with the PW you can add or remove the AC3. With the Odin you have to use the controller or put on the Photix Stratos on which you lose TTL control of the remotes. The PW is much more flexable. A pro photographer is not going to want to lose that over $200. I use the Stratos, as a result realize I wouldn't want to lose the ability of on camera flash when I need it, so I personally would upgrade to the PW when the prices come down (If Nikon does not come out with a radio capable flash unit first like Canon has).

IMO right now the PW are worth $200+ more.

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