Fisheye in focus? Comments please

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Fisheye in focus? Comments please

I took my still new Samyang 7.5mm fisheye up to London this week on my G3. I'm interested in architecture both outdoors and indoors, and landscape, so I was concentrating on images in these categories. I'd like to show you a sample of each, straight from camera and then post-processed a little. Apart from the orange building in bright sunlight I am far from happy with the sharpness. I didn't move the focus of this lens all day, it was set at one "mark" in from the infinity mark, following some tests in my garden which indicated this was the best spot.

Am I missing something or doing something stupid? I seemed to be using adequate shutter speeds/apertures, but did take the landscape pictures at 800 ISO - the sky changed so quickly it seemed the most sensible thing to do, and I didn't anticiapte 800 on the G3 being a problem.

Please comment on the sharpness, and whether you think I am being too picky with this lens, or just not using it correctly. The lack of focus ring markings isn't making it easy.

Here's the landscape, of which there isn't much in London: taken from Waterloo Bridge. First, straight OOC:

and second, cropped to shape.

I'm really not happy with the soft appearance.

Then a modern building in bright light, which seems much better, but the setting of the focus ring is unchanged:

Re-shaped using Pano Tools radial correction:

A second, darker, building at a simlilar distance from me to the one above, but again seems much softer:

And with exposure modified and again given the Pano Tools correction:

Finally one taken inside a renovated Victorian building: the apparent swimming pool at the bottom is in fact the roof of a block of meeting rooms, which reflects the daylight from above:

I think I only cropped this, but may have straightened a bit with the Edit/Transform tool in my ancient Photoshop7.

Any helpful (and maybe even the unhelpful suggestions) welcome.

Flat view
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