How to get that Film Like apperance we all like...

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Re: Film is expensive? Really?

Clearly you haven't looked. Granted color film will probably go the way of the dodo bird, however, the availability of good B&W film and chemistry is as high as in the 1970's.

Adox, Arista, Fotokemika, Foma, Fujifilms, Holga, Ilford, Kodak and Rollei come to mind. In fact Rollei has recently started producing high quality B&W film. Even if Kodak fails - someone will buy their patents and produce what unique films Kodak still has. Actually Kodak has been going down hill in B&W film since about 1980, and other companies, especially Ilford picked up the slack.

In fact today I can find B&W films that had stop being produced in the 80's - some of the thick emulsions 120 roll film that can produce prints with lovely tonal gradation, long shoulder that produces glowing highly detailed highlights and a large latitude.

So while digital is a fine photographic media, it is but one such media.

Some might find the excellent article by Bruce Barnbaum illuminating.

PrebenR wrote:

Did they stop producing oil paint aftet acrylics came? No... My point is that few make film now and kodak may be out ofbusiness.
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