D800: I've always loved my cameras

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D800: I've always loved my cameras

This morning I was photographing the wildlife in our backyard...meaning the birds that frequent our birdbath As I changed the battery in my D800, I had a moment of reflection with respect to all the cameras I've owned and how they compare to the D800.

My D800 is the finest camera I've ever had and I'm so glad to own it. "Yes" my camera has issues and "No" there is not a lot to be gleaned about me or my photography from my DPR gallery. My first camera was...not a Brownie ...it was one of those small black plastic boxes that you had to purchase "flash cubes" for in order to achieve a flash exposure. Then, there was a Pentax K1000; a Canon AE-1, and then onto the best equipment I could afford (Leica was never in the budget) and I settled into photography (as a professional) with the Contax RTS cameras/system and Zeiss lenses. Those were gorgeous cameras and stellar lenses. I left photography well before digital came into play and was sad to learn Contax did not offer the kind of camera I wanted in the digital realm.

I had always admired Nikon lenses so when it was time to go digital, I put my name on the wait list for a D200 and invested in Nikon glass. Then came a couple of D300s and then another wait list for the D800. After using the D800 for a few months now (received in March); I'm absolutely loving it. The sensor is gorgeous (albeit covered with oil spots); the DR is stunning, the files huge but very manageable with my computer; and the noise - in my view - looks like film grain. Those of us who pushed negative film to its extreme know good film noise vs bad film noise. To me, the D800's files look like "good" film noise and I sometimes leave it in the image instead of cleaning it up completely as I cleaned up my D300's files.

The D800 is beautifully balanced and feels wonderful in my hands. I'm still hitting the "Bracket" button when I want to change the ISO, and that drives me nuts, and I would rather change focus (spot, pattern etc) via a menu or switch (i.e. D300) as opposed to the way the D800 is configured. Other than those two points, the D800's button placements work well for me. What I like most about the new button layout is the positioning of the (+) button on top of the (-) button which - to me - makes more sense.

Video was a surprise. Never in a million years did I think I would want video on a DSLR camera. When the D800 was announced and the video capability revealed, I thought "nice, but not for me". LOL...guess what feature I'm now using, learning and loving Not big stuff videos, not feature film videos, but little moments in life that make us smile. And remember.

It will be interesting to see what cameras Nikon brings to market over the next decade or so. I had thought I would eventually get the next Nikon DX model to complement my D800, but now that I'm using an FX camera, it feels like I've come home.

Over the decades, my subject matter has moved from Acid Rock bands in huge stadiums to Ladybugs in the garden. Things change, life changes...no matter how much we think it will not. But through the decades, I've loved whatever camera I've had in hand. Today it's the D800 and for me, it's the best camera I've ever owned.

If you've read this far...thanks!

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