Uninformed speculation about LX-7

Started Jul 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Uninformed speculation about LX-7

I have progressed from LX2 through LX3 to LX5 and use the LX5 a lot when not carrying a DSLR or Sony NEX. Sold LX3 to get LX5 with longer lens reach from 60 to 90mm. Having Sony equipment I looked at the RX100, which is a fantastic camera - except for a lens starting at 28mm (35mm equivalent) I absolutely love my LX5 for its IQ and lens range. I would consider upgrading to LX7 if it has a larger sensor with perhaps 16Mp and retains a Leica lens going from at least 24mm and to or above 90mm. IQ and ISO performance must match or exceed LX5 and no bigger or heavier please. Don't use video a lot but quite happy with LX5 performance. An EVF viewfinder would be great but would increase bulk too much. I use a Clear-View viewfinder, which also fits my LX2 so that will do me as long it could be transferred to LX7.

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