NX20 Review in AP

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Re: NX20 Review in AP

I didn't buy a K-01, if that's what you're arriving at.

I could have, but I went K-5 instead. On top of that, look at what people are nevertheless doing with the K-01. Pro-level stuff in video and stills that I'm not seeing the hobbyists pull off with the NX series. Must be a reason why.

Check Leopold's postings for examples.

Those are real world tests that I put more weight in than some shady reviews and people that only talk about good things and fib along the way.

And for the record, I don't like Pentax fanboys, either. Re: SDM issues and why I won't buy SDM lenses, opting instead for their excellent FA and M primes.

tjobbe wrote:

LakeT wrote:

.... For instance, the love it or hate it K01 scored lower?

the "love it or hate it" K01 scores lower virtually everywhere, so I think you'd selected the worst example you can get to compare

EDIT: did you ever come to the point where you can admit that the issue with the K01 are not the reviews ?

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