Sigma 18-200 hsm os vs. Nikon 16-85 on a D7000

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Re: Sigma 18-200 hsm os vs. Nikon 16-85 on a D7000

Flakmunky wrote:


I recently bought a D7000 and have been using it with my existing Sigma 18-200 hsm os lens...

I am considering buying the Nikon 16-85 lens as I am not too happy with the softness of the Sigma. I am none too bothered about losing the 115mm off the top end as, if I were to go for 16-85, I would likely also buy the Nikon 70-300 at some point in the future.

I also have a AF-S 35mm f1.8 and would similarly at some point, go for the AF-S 50mm f1.8 if I felt I needed it...

Unfortunately there isn't a shop nearby I can try out the 16-85 lens, therefore I am turning to the community for advice as I don't want to be disappointed if I spend £420 on the 16-85 only to find it isn't much of an improvement over my Sigma.

Opinions and advice greatly appreciated.



i bought my D7000 sans the 18-105 kit. what i did bought at that time was 70-300 VR and the 50/1.8D... tested everything for a day and was very happy but, for what i had planned at that time, i was not happy swapping lenses. the following day, returned the 70-300 annd bought the 18-200 VRII. I was very happy with the 18-200 as a one-solution lens and i was aware of its limitation.

fast-forward... i recently sold the 18-200, not because i was not happy with it, but because i wanted more in terms of IQ, and am now very much seriously going FF, however, something came up and i needed a general small walk-around lens- hence i was like choosing between, sigma 17-50, the 16-85, and the 18-105. i picked up a 2nd hand 18-105, simply because it is cheap, dirt cheap, and the IQ is not that so far from the 16-85. yes, the 18-105 is plasticky and it can not match the 16-85 and 18-200 in the built, but since it is 2nd hand and dirt cheap, i don't care how it feel as long as it will make the shot.

the 18-200 is a bit soft, but it does almost everything. the 16-85 color rendition is great, and IQ is slightly over there, but i can't justify it's price, the reason i can't because i have plans to move up to FX. i supposed if i am staying in DX, then it is justifiable... but you can't go wrong with 18-105. IMHO, if you plan to stick it out with DX for a long time, the 16-85 is worth it and then just add a longer one for the reach.

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