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Re: Film is expensive? Really?

chipgreenberg wrote:

I see posts on the web all the time about the high cost of film, and just had to respond. For the way I shoot, film is not expensive. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I lurk here because I'm very interested in replacing my primary camera, a 25 yr old Contax T2 with a DPxM. I'll keep this thread to the cost of film and processing vs digital for me. Happy to have discussions about gear or image quality another time.

I don't shoot snapshots with film, I use my iPhone for that. My goal is to create "keepers" which I'll send out for quality scans, print, and hang on my wall. Two recent examples, shot with the Contax, are attached.

I shoot about 5 rolls of Ektar 100 a year. Film is $5.25 and processing at Walgreens with a master print and scan is $10. So film and processing cost me $76.25/yr

After careful editing using the master print and cheap scans, I average about 5 keepers per roll. I send them out for Hasselblad scans which cost my $6 ea including postage. I could spend a lot more on scans, or a lot less. These seem to work for me. So, $150/yr on scans.

So my film and processing costs are about $225/yr. It would take my four years to break even on my DPxM. There are a lot of reasons I'm interested in the DPxM, but saving money isn't one of them

5 rolls of film? Why would you buy any digital camera to shoot so very few pictures?

If you shoot a reasonable number of pictures with film then every single digital camera made will always be much cheaper to use than a film equivalent. I feel silly pointing out something so obvious.

Lets face it, film also looks pretty bad today compared to a digital equivalent. It was time to move on years ago.

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