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Re: No brainer ...

Yes and no.

Wether someone chooses to do so or not, is their own choice. Personally I wouldn't pay for any of those, but I won't judge anyone for doing so. Nor do I judge someone selling the services.

RickLeica is an experienced photog who has displayed a lot of nice photos. He clearly is not one who would in any way benefit from such lessons.. thus his comment 100% applies to his situation , but not necessarily so for someone else.

Clearly the people in this thread bashing or flaming or negatively commenting on said bloggers lessons are not the target audience for these bloggers.

If the bloggers make their income selling the services - good on them. They've figured out their own niche and are making the most of it. If they pay their taxes and conduct their business in a legal and fair manner - nobody should bash them for doing so. It's a couple of less people in the unemployed queue.

As for people buying the service, why should they be bashed? If they feel they gain something out of it, then it was clearly worth the price for them.

But I suppose it's futile to try and persuade the critics to see the other side of the coin here. Critic should go where critic is due, but in this case it's in my personal opinion been based on assumptions and prejudice since no proper evidence has been shown to support their case. And no, personal opinion alone wether a photo is good or bad doesn't count - that's a matter of taste & opinion, not proof. I rest my case.

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