Not many Sonys why ?

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Re: Who the heck Cars ??

thubleau7 wrote:

Lets not forget that Hyundai are now the largest car company in the world and they have come from very small beginnings to producing some of the most innovative and stylish cars in the world at a lower price point than most manufacturers.

I can talk cars with some authority having been a mechanic and owned Vw's, jettas,Mazda's,Subarus,Honda's,Datsuns,Chev Cruze,Holden's,Ford's, Lexus IS250 and now a Hyundai I45 is my present car and ask me how it stacks up to my Lexus IS 250 ??

hell you take off the badges and there is not much between them and at $60,000 versus $38,000 and I enjoy this I45 better than any car I have ever owned and who would have thought I would own a Hyundai...........not me...........but they won me.

Hyundai are not near the largest car company. Its GM. Toyota. And VW.

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