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No it wasn't. I have one and a complaint was that the macro was/is deficient at certain points. It's nothing even close to Ricoh, so this is a fib that you've made up because all others work much better than the EX1 at macro.

You are not recalling correctly or you're exaggerating and intentionally fibbing and obviously you've never tried macro on the EX1.

One of the most annoying issues the EX1 has at macro is that it doesn't lock positively many times, additionally complicated by the fact that it appears to have an issue with the focusing programming at closer distances, where the lens can physically focus on objects at close distances, but the camera is unable to recognize it and focuses back out. This is maddening if you're a macro lover. And it's not a matter of the hardware, as others with same or similar sensors can do these small distances.

A fix for that and confirmation that the camera was rushed to market was something I relayed to Samsung directly: one finds the last distance where a focus lock can be achieved, then incrementally moves in closer in steps, focus locking along the way, to step the assemblies into that range. Finally, one can often get to their close macro distance and achieve focus lock, often with 4-5 steps along the way. This is vastly inferior to the behavior of others in the class. If anything, it has a simply average and normal macro function. Beyond that, nothing more. Also, look for postings on the X10's "super macro" function and example photos. The EX1 is nowhere near that, nor Ricoh. The S95, I felt, was much easier to use in this regard, as was the LX5.

So really, stop fibbing. If Samsung has not cared to fix this issue, then, like the EX1, it will have below-average Macro ability.

timedrun wrote:

LakeT wrote:

Here's the context on AF:

"We found the focus—crucial with the narrow depth of field that f/1.4 provides—to be right on point"

Of course it should be ok. f1.4 on a small sensor will ensure that DoF won't ever be too narrow, like they are implying, and many things will be sharp and easy to focus on. They used the example of the tip of a pen, but unless you like shooting objects only to post on internet forums, this is not the most professional, nor valuable, type of test.

These P&S cameras do macro. Some can focus down to just a few millimetres. IIRC the EX1 was considered a very good macro camera.

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