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Yeah, and what made me home in on that was cameras with higher performance in noise got lower scores than the NX20, which has a sensor that gets shaky at a mere ISO3200. For instance, the love it or hate it K01 scored lower?

Wonder what the NEX5n would get in a breakdown?

re: "context"

These are "real world" reviews? Real world would mean people would go to a store and try the cameras out.

But it's funny how you're getting into an internet argument, as you've criticized about the review, which is only meant for internet forum arguments and chest thumping.

These skewed reviews are more important than ever because people are not going to stores to test stuff out. Of course there would be investment into them.

timedrun wrote:

LakeT wrote:

Very odd magazine, as I go through the scores of other cameras. They seem to have odd scoring methods, for instance, the D4 scores the same as the NX20 in noise, which is pretty ridiculous. People use the D3 and D4 professionally for concerts and such because there is a minor penalty in jacking up the ISO to 5 digits.

There are a bunch of other odd scorings, too, where undisputably higher performing cameras received lower scores in the same parameters.

I'm guessing this is another one of "those" types of "reviews", unfortunately.

They probably score cameras against other cameras in the same class, you know, so that every P&S camera doesn't get a rubbish score becasue they're comparing it to a D800E.

"Context", I believe it's called, very good for people making decisions in the real world, but rubbish for winning petty top trump type arguments on internet forums, but ho-hum.

AP's reviews are quite good, I find.

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