NEX-7 + F20AM + F43AM + Off Camera

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Re: NEX-7 + F20AM + F43AM + Off Camera

FramerDave wrote:

Learned something from another thread about this so I tested it last night.

F20AM on the Nex-7 can trigger F43AM (58AM) in wireless mode but you require line-of sight because it is not RF.

However, what I learned from other posters was you can use the protective bag of the F20AM to cover the flash if you want no light contribution from the F20AM! While I know you can use a strip of unexposed film I didn't know about the bag trick.

Although the bag is not big enough to slip over the F43AM I tested that by just placing the bag in front of the F43AM and it triggered the F58AM no problem. This is indeed very useful if your subject is in front of floor to ceiling and wall to wall glass.

Thank you...

I was worried about it.. I think that sometimes we will have some problems if F43AM require line-of sight... for example.. if you cover the F20AM or point to another direction (outdoor) or even if the F43AM is hidden behind a wall.. probably the F43AM will not receive this line-of-sight.. right ??

Can you do some more test with it to confirm ??

Thank you very much..

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