A Sound Method for Evaluating Signal/Noise Ratio

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E-M5 Update: A Sound Method for Evaluating Signal/Noise Ratio

As of June 23, 2012, a new release of DCraw 9.15 , which supports the Olympus OM-D E-M5 , was provided by DCraw developer Dave Coffin to the RAW Therapee software developers.

Notation: http://code.google.com/p/rawtherapee/source/detail?r=b468475b2c6a120541707f3f8a7e8e1d2ec57d2b&name=default

Since that time, two RAW Therapee builds (both called out as Version , one for Windows 32-bit, and one for Windows 64-bit) have been compiled and released as stable builds at:


This allows for the possibilty of using the E-M5 Color Profile (as opposed to selecting "No Profile"). The instructions in the original post are now modified for the option of (changes in bold text ):

Color tools :

White Balance = Camera Settings

Color Management:

Input profile= Camera standard
Working profile=sRGB
Output profile=sRGB
Outpt gamma=standard_g=2.2

All other controls in their default state.

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