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Re: READ THIS update ... for NEW info!

Enjoy your new software.

See, i told ya it's worth the introductory price...

eagle_I wrote:

Before I leave this thread I have to tell what I learned last night after a few hours experimenting with photoFXlab and FastStone Image Viewer. Most important for this warning thread is that the unusual GRAY TIFF IMAGES that show in my screen captures I believe now are due to FastStone NOT reading or handling them or whatever correctly. I found when I took those files with the gray thumbnails into Photoshop CS5 they appeared as they should. So ... that's NEW for this thread. I did lose my original file due to incompatibility between FXlab and Image Viewer due to the way I finished my work in FXlab. If I had done a "save-as" and closed the program from the drop down menu I would not have lost the file.

Now to add ... I've decided to end my trial of photoFXlab and BUY IT to take advantage of the intro pricing. I'm doing this based on my belief that I can use the new masking, layer, and EDGE AWARE technology as tools to advance my masking skills. The couple hours I spent last night working with edge aware masking were kinda rough. Trial & error with lots of undo's and "Well lemme try it this way's."

It took me MANY hours to get my CS5 masking skills to where they are now. It's gonna take some work for me to learn a new method. But, after attending today's "Quick Tip Thursday - A Closer Look at Edge-Aware Brushes" Topaz webinar I have much more confidence that this old fart can learn a few new tricks. If you are interested in what I saw and heard I believe it has or will be posted on You Tube.

So that said I'm off to try the new stuff I learned today.


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