Is Sony the next Kodak?

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Re: Is Sony the next Kodak?

Timbukto wrote:

Film dependency is far different from sensor dependency. Nikon's D3200 is Nikon-made and its damn good. GH2 is really old compared to the OM-D and its also good and has multi-aspect features...lets see how the GH3 does.

Canon well...haha they've been complacent but put into perspective that Sony has been dominating Sensors for only one year starting with the 16mp Exmor and then everything after that with a clear winning streak...however don't have such short memory if you don't consider the t2i sensor as a clear winning streak or 5DMKII either...sure they look outdated now but this is four years later.

Ah yes. That noisy banding low DR piece of craptacular rubbish in 5DmkII is a pure win.

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