How many use refillable inks for the Epson 3880?

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irvweiner Contributing Member • Posts: 705
Re: Jtoolman, he needs the VM ink set....

I have been using the inkjetcarts refillable system (which is practically identical to Inkrepublic and Cone) for ~2 yrs with excellent results. Be advised that you can buy the refillable carts from vendor A and the ink from vendor B-your choice!

When I initially setup the 3880 (with its OEM inks) and then created my own Colormunki profiles, there were slight differences. Since all 3880's are not the same, my Munki iccc yielded a slight visible improvement--only when prints were compared side by side. Each print when viewed separately was superb. This is for the Color mode, including printing B&W or for Epson's ABW mode setup specifically for B&W.

When I switched to 3rd party inks, I compared the print output using the original OEM profile and my new Munki created profile--again the initial differences were slight--profiling the 3PI gave a visible improvement. Many of the slight color 'adjustments' can be satisfied by altering the color sliders in print mode--or as Bob recommended 'rent a Munki' and do it right!! Be aware that changes in humidity & temperature will affect your print profile and quality visibly.

When fellow members of my venerable camera club started to ask me: "Who does your printing?" I felt proud!!

good luck irv weiner

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