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Re: Thorsten Overgaard: Discuss.....

It"s got nothing to do with being PC. It's just the fact that none of us have evidence werher his courses are good or bad and it's kind of prejudice to flame a guy without evidence.

And also, customer is always right applies here. If his customers are happy, then who gives a "rats behind" what his credentials are? And also what is the criteria to be accepted as pro? Ammount of stock photos?

We've already established that you don't like his work. Guess what? Some like the mother better than the daughter.. so that is a moot point and should have nothing to do with his credentials.

I think many of the PC people in this thread you refer to just don't like the guy getting flamed without evidence. Innocent until proven guilty. I'll cast the first stone myself when you can prove him a liar & most of his customers being unhappy about the lessons or his possible paid photog gigs. Because as said earlier, only that matters..

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