iMac 27" monitor profile settings question

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dnorth12 Senior Member • Posts: 1,129
iMac 27" monitor profile settings question

Can some one please give me the preferred settings to set for profiling the iMac 27" monitor?

My tools: Color Eyes 1.6.0 and Spyder4 Elite

Which Spyder sensor driver should I use? C C FL or Wide Gamut C C FL?

White point target D65, 90cd/m2 or D65, 80 cd/m2?

Gamma target L*?

Black point target - absolute or relative?

Brightness slider - all the way down on the display preferences window?

Where it is at the moment is:

D65, 90 cd/m2
Brightness slider all the way down.

I am seeing better dark grey separation with the color eyes profile than with the standard iMac profile.

I guess I am expecting more dramatic difference because of my older iMac 24" would show much brighter screen with the standard iMac profile selected.

Maybe this 27" monitor is just different/better/worse in what can be changed by Color Eyes than the older one.

Anyway I would appreciate any info someone can provide.

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