How are you handling dual CF and SD cards in your D800/D800E?

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Re: How are you handling dual CF and SD cards in your D800/D800E?

$$ is tight now after purchasing D800 and facing PC upgrade next.. but next season I plan to shoot RAW+JPEG/RAW+JPEG - complete mirroring. I hate to be stuck with JPEGs if RAW card fails.. and at the same time I need JPEGs for the same day slideshows at weddings... So I would love to go RAW+JPEG on both cards. But then I'll need four 64Gb sets per wedding which is a bit too pricey at this point

MJSfoto1956 wrote:

VadimOm wrote:

Lossy compressed RAWs (appox 30Mb each) go to 64Gb Transcend SD
Normal JPEGs (approx 12Mb each) to go 32Gb Transcend CF, serving as backup

Both cards fill out approximately at the same time (with the same number of images) at which point both get replaced with next set SD/CF of the same sizes (64/32).

I plan on doing the same as Vadim: 64Gb for NEFs and 32Gb for JPEG fine. Copy to 2Tb hd. Then decide whether to use the JPEG or NEF on an image-by-image basis. In general: portraits and events = JPEG. But having a NEF as backup "just in case" is good insurance. Also, I plan on using 5:4 crop mode for portraits and events.

Landscape will use full FX crop 12 or 14 bit NEFs -- in this case, the "extra" JPEGs will be used for quick(er) previews

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