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Re: To buy a GF-3 kit to resell body and keep 14 mm. Making money on it.


Camera bodies depreciate fast and don't hold value like lenses. And there will always newer camera bodies introduced like it seems every month.

I would not take a chance hoping to get good money for GF3 if wait too long from now.
How much GF-3 on eBays?
How much 14mm on eBays?
After fee how much money you think maybe you could sell you GF-3 for?

Thank you for the idea though.


sygyzy wrote:

Since it's the body only and I feel like having a prime lens like the 20mm or 14mm is essential, has anyone considered the following tactic?

1. Buy the GX1 body only.
2. Also buy the GF3 kit with the 14mm pancake lens.

3. Either keep or sell the GF3 body and now you have the GX1 + 14mm lens + body for not much more than the cost of the GX1 + 14mm alone.


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