Fuji X10 NEW Sensor problems? (Noise?)

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Re: Fuji X10 NEW Sensor problems? (Noise?)

ndf9 wrote:

Anybody can confirm this?

There are a couple of recent threads on this issue. Apparently the noise issue is being rectified. You may find though that the second sentence of the second paragraph is totally bogus but the noise issue in some cameras has been akin to 1970 photo.

Unfortunately you may need to send your camera back.

FUJIFILM X10 camera and we hope that you have enjoyed using it since we returned it to you.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that when shooting using particular settings, a limited number of sensors may produce a grainy (noisy) image. The settings are not commonly used (low ISO, high DR and M file size), so you may not have noticed this problem arise.

However, we are anxious to correct this issue. All it needs is a very quick and simple software adjustment, which, unfortunately, needs to be done at our Service Centre. We will not need to open up or disassemble your camera, just update the software to correct this one bug. This issue affects a limited number of cameras handled by our UK Service Centre, which acts as a service hub for the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

We are very sorry to cause this disturbance again. We are happy to make this adjustment whenever you are able to leave the camera with us for a few days. We will send you out a protective postal bag as soon as you contact us, and we will return the camera as soon as we can. Of course, the delivery costs will be met by us.

Please contact us either on our helpline 0844 553 2322 or the email address ‘Xseries@fuji.co.uk’.

Once again, we are very sorry for this trouble. We want to make sure that the FUJIFILM X10 produces the very best results, and were keen to let you know of this issue as soon as we could.

Kind regards
Customer Service Manager

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