on the dsc-rx100: does anyone remember the dsc-v1?

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on the dsc-rx100: does anyone remember the dsc-v1?

i got my rx100 today. my first impression is that this is a phenomenal little camera in almost every way. sony was pretty clear in marketing this towards advanced/professional photographers who wanted a 2nd camera that could meet their standards but still maintain a level of portability, and this camera should meet those goals perfectly. i am going to love this camera.

side note: i've seen some people around here complaining that the camera is missing some things. a hotshoe? viewfinder? articulating screen? i think you guys are missing the point of this camera. the idea is to be as portable as possible while providing the level of quality and control that DSLR owners are going to expect from their equipment. if the buyers in the target market actually want or need those features for a given task, they will pick up the DSLR that they already own. that is sony's intent here. there are plenty of models out there that already have those extra features, and would probably suit some people (e.g., those who want a more complete photographic solution, but do not want to buy into a whole system) better for use as a primary camera.

all that aside, here is the main point of my post. there's been a TON of talk all over the web about the rx100, and how it is a great camera for people that have a DSLR and a ton of glass, but don't always want to carry it. i agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. but there's another segment that i think the rx100 would be great for. the beginner market.

now, by beginner, i don't mean someone who is just picking up a digital camera for the first time. no, for them, any P&S out there should be enough to get started. i'm talking about someone who has been down that road, and who has realized that they've just scraped the tip of the iceberg. the people who want more out of photography than family snapshots at holidays.

some background: i'm not sure who around here is left from the days of the F717/F828/V1, but the old STF is where i really got my start with photography. picking up the rx100 when i pulled it out of the box, my mind immediately went back to the day i got the DSC-V1. that was the camera that really got me started. it was my first encounter with all manual control. it gave me the ability to manipulate and learn and produce images that suddenly went beyond snapshots. it was my gateway into a whole new world. and like the rx100, it wasn't cheap. but, again, like the rx100, it was worth every penny.

at the time, the V1 was my primary camera. it was all i had to shoot with, and it did have limitations. eventually i moved on to the 828, and then to canon DSLRs. but looking at this camera on my desk right now, the solid design, the purposeful feel of it in my hand, the way the controls are laid out... i can't help but feel the same way i felt when i picked up the V1 for the first time. i own a canon S90, and that's been a great little camera, but it never quite sparked the same feelings in me that the rx100 does.

even though, as i discussed above, i don't think the rx100 is meant to be a primary camera for most people, i would not hesitate one second to recommend this camera to anyone who wants something to get into photography with and who is willing to pay to get their hands on it (and let's face it - serious photography is not a cheap hobby anyway). once they grow into it and learn how the controls interact to produce an image, they'll probably yearn for more. maybe they'll want that hotshoe, or that articulating screen, or that EVF. maybe they'll want interchangeable lenses. and when they do, they'll move on to a camera that offers what they need. just like i did. for me, the rx100 is the true spiritual successor to the V1. whether you're an advanced shooter looking for a compliment to your larger DSLR system, or you're looking to get into photography and need something easy to carry around while you learn the ropes, this is a camera for photographers. there's no other way to state it.

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